DEWALT MD501 Now Android™ 6 Marshmallow

DEWALT-MD501 Now Android 6 Marshmallow

Your DEWALT MD501 just got even better! So what’s new in Android™ 6 Marshmallow!

Contextual Assistance

  • Now on Tap: get assistance without having to leave what you’re doing – whether you’re in an app or on a website. Just touch and hold the home button.
  • Do more with your voice. Now you can have a dialogue with any of your apps that support the new voice interaction service. For example, if a user says “play some music on TuneIn,” TuneIn will respond by asking “What genre?”.
  • Direct Share: a fast and easy way to share to the right person in the right app.


  • Doze: when your device is at rest, Doze automatically puts it into a sleep state to increase your standby battery life.
  • App Standby: no more battery drain from seldom used apps; App Standby limits their impact on battery life so that your charge lasts longer.
  • USB Type C support*: Quickly transfer power and data all through the same cable. Lightning fast charging gives you hours of power in just minutes.

Privacy & Security

  • On an Android™ Marshmallow device, apps designed for Android Marshmallow only ask for permission right when it’s needed. You can deny any permission and still continue to use the app.
  • Advanced controls to turn permissions on or off for all of your installed apps.
  • Verified boot: when your Android device boots up, it will warn you if the firmware and Android operating system have been modified from the factory version.
  • Use fingerprint sensors to unlock your device, make purchases in Google Play, authenticate transactions in apps and pay in stores.

Android Runtime (“ART”)

  • Improved application performance and lower memory overhead for faster multi-tasking.


  • Bluetooth™ stylus support*, including pressure sensitivity and modifier keys.
  • Improved typesetting and text rendering performance.
  • Smarter text selection, built-in undo/redo and text actions closer to your fingers.
  • Text selection actions such as a new Translate option that lets you translate text from one language to another right on the spot. (Note: requires Google Translate app installed.)
  • Save paper with duplex printing support.

System usability improvements

  • App links: enables installed apps to automatically handle their web URLs so that you can jump right into the app, rather than the mobile web site, as appropriate.
  • Easily toggle and configure Do Not Disturb from quick settings.
  • If someone calls you twice within 15 minutes, you can choose to allow the call to ring through while Do Not Disturb is enabled.
  • Use automatic rules to enable Do Not Disturb for as many customised time blocks as you like or around events on your calendar.
  • Simplified volume controls allow you to manage notification, music and alarm volumes easily from anywhere with the touch of your volume keys.
  • Streamlined Settings let you manage an app’s settings all in one place, from battery and memory usage, to notifications and permissions controls.
  • Google Now Launcher app list refreshed with search, fast alphabetic scrolling and predictive App Suggestions.


  • More power efficient Bluetooth Low Energy (“BLE”) scanning for nearby beacons and your accessories.
  • Hotspot 2.0: Connect to compatible Wi-Fi networks seamlessly and securely.
  • Bluetooth SAP: Make calls from your carphone using your phone’s SIM.
  • Portable Wi-Fi hotspot now supports 5 GHz frequency bands.

Expandable storage

Flex Storage: makes using SD cards or external storage devices as encrypted expanded storage for your apps and games on Android Marshmallow a whole lot easier.

  • Device setup and migration
  • Easily transfer your accounts, apps and data to a new device.
  • During setup, you can add an additional personal or corporate email account (e.g. IMAP)
  • Auto backup for Apps: seamless app data backup and restore.
  • Backup/restore of additional system settings such as your Sync settings, preferred apps, Do Not Disturb settings, Accessibility settings and enabled IMEs.


  • MIDI support: create, consume and perform music using your Android device with USB MIDI devices, MIDI over BLE and software-based MIDI devices.


  • Android is now available in 74+ languages with 6 new additions: Azerbaijani, Gujarati, Kazakh, Albanian, Urdu and Uzbek.


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