DEWALT MD501 is now SOTI MobiControl Certified


With SOTI® MobiContol you can optimise Return On Investment and welcome personal devices in your workplace by adopting a mobile device management (MDM) solution to reliably manage, track, support and secure all of your DEWALT MD501s. MobiControl’s award winning innovative technology allows your businesses to best monitor your mobile field force with the most comprehensive set of quality features available on the market.

Asset Management

  • Remotely manage up to tens of thousands of DEWALT MD501 devices efficiently over the air (OTA). Your DEWALT MD501 can be enrolled, provisioned, configured and group managed wirelessly!
  • A central multi-platform display reports a wealth of device information including live device status, network connection, security policy compliance, and installed applications. Alert on important device side information such as security status, encryption enabled, data roaming, and corporate email access.
  • A management overview dashboard provides interactive graphical displays of critical device statistics. Gain a quick understanding of mobile fleet activity, security concerns, and live inventory.

Device Configuration & Communication

  • Easily deploy encrypted configurations OTA to customise your DEWALT MD501 device settings and enforce corporate security policies. Customize personal and corporate devices appropriately. Configure corporate WiFi connections and enforce strong password requirements to ensure device security.
  • Send messages to your DEWALT MD501 users through Cloud to Device Messaging or SMS text messaging. Keep employees up to date with the latest news and information using native the DEWALT MD501 Android technology.
  • Sync files with your managed DEWALT MD501s so all employees have quick access to relevant corporate documents and obtain files of interest directly from a DEWALT MD501 for remote support and auditing.

Location Services

  • Locate your DEWALT MD501s anywhere in the world by viewing GPS coordinates in a live map display with custom 3D views. Know where your employees are active and find lost or stolen DEWALT MD501s.
  • Track DEWALT MD501s in real time or historically bread crumb device movement to monitor activity and audit device locations.

Advanced Security

  • Secure Email Access feature allows full control of which devices can or cannot access MS Exchange email. Block unmanaged devices from having corporate email on their devices!
  • Enforce strong password protection, secure certification and encrypted data transfer to ensure sensitive data is kept in authorized hands only.
  • Detect rooted devices to force remote security or prohibit access to corporate networks and data immediately.
  • Remote lock DEWALT MD501s in real time to prevent unauthorised use.
  • Remote wipe corporate data only or the entire device in case of loss, theft, or misuse.

Wireless Application Distribution

  • A customisable and private enterprise application catalogue allows businesses to automate deployment of in house applications to users OTA. Proprietary applications can be sent directly to provisioned DEWALT MD501s without the use The Android Marketplace.
  • Direct your DEWALT MD501 users to recommended 3rd party applications to be installed on their devices quickly and easily from The Android Market. Audit on successful and pending application installations in real time.

NitroDesk TouchDown Integration

  • Configure authorised sync of corporate email, calendar, and contacts using NitroDesk TouchDown, the most secure MS Exchange Active Sync Android application. Push license codes to your DEWALT MD501s end users to simplify the Touchdown application purchase and deployment
  • Manage corporate email in a configurable sandbox where corporate email settings can be enforced and data loss can be prevented without the need for end user interaction. Restrict attachments, customize sync settings, and remotely wipe or block corporate email at any time.


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